Environmental Services Technician

TEMPO, Inc. - Caribou, ME

Job description

The Environmental Services Technician helps to keep our hospital clean and safe for our patients, public, and employees. The position is responsible for the cleaning of various hospital areas and offices which includes, but not limited to, sweeping, mopping, high dusting, and sanitizing of various surfaces and equipment.

Essential Job Duties:

1. Regularly consults the schedule to coordinate the daily activities and adjusts as necessary in view of the fluctuations in workload.
2. Routinely select cleaning materials and supplies, and prepares solutions according to procedure, loads service cart, and transports to work area.
3. Observe established isolation and asepsis techniques.
4. Clean assigned areas by washing furniture, tile, fixtures, and equipment with germicidal cleaning solutions; scour and polish sinks, showers, toilets, water fountains, blinds, and mirrors.
5. Thoroughly clean assigned areas by washing walls, doors, door frames, ceiling, appropriate equipment, patient televisions, and windows.
6. Routinely dry and damp mop floors or vacuum in accordance with departmental procedures.
7. Arrange furniture and equipment in an orderly fashion after cleaning assigned area.
8. Empty trash baskets in designated areas; sanitize all trash cans.
9. Clean equipment and notify team leader of equipment needing repair; report safety hazards to manager.
10. Thoroughly wash and sanitize patient room and bathroom, including bed upon patient discharge; make beds with clean linen in prescribed manner.
11. Complete assigned tasks within designated time frame.
12. Consistently demonstrate the ability to recognize and deal with priorities.
13. Assist coworkers who exhibit insufficient knowledge or ability to complete the assigned tasks or duties.
14. When requested, be willing to adjust personal schedule to complete workload or cover for emergencies.
15. Return unused supplies to the utility room. Clean carts and equipment; ensure all items are replaced in an orderly manner.
16. Exhibit a positive attitude when dealing with others in day-to-day work situations.
17. Work well with supervisors and those in authority positions and consults lead when uncertain about what to do.

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: From $14.00 per hour